Osteria Santo Spirito

Escape the cold and enter Osteria Santo Spirito. The warm wood and golden plates will have you feeling instantly at ease. Filled with locals, delectable smells and vivacious Italian conversations, this place is like no other. Choose the half portion of vegetable soup with bread (5 euros). The name vegetable soup is far too humble to describe the taste sensation you’ll experience. It’s a party … Continue reading Osteria Santo Spirito

How to be one with the pasta

After several ambrosial meals in Italy, I had an epiphany. If I wanted to experience these life changing flavours and foods back home in New Zealand I would need to do either one of two things. A) Marry an Italian chef. Not an entirely terrible idea. They are beautiful specimens. Or; B) Learn to cook it myself Although option a was, and is still is, … Continue reading How to be one with the pasta

gimme mo'(zzarella) cuz i’m bufalovin it

Was that too obscure of a pun to start my first post on this communal space? (guys…?) Am I scaring away our potential readers with my randomness? Do I care? NO. Because the world deserves to be educated, as I was, as a wee young college first year, in the ways of the mozzarella bufala (buffalo mozzarella), also known by the alias of ‘burrata’. NO … Continue reading gimme mo'(zzarella) cuz i’m bufalovin it

The Squad

Meet the Dream Team: Josie, Sara, Shalaka, Sonia, Anna-Maria, and Hannah. Some eat to live, others live to eat; the six of us are most definitely in the latter category. Together, we are the sweet to each others’ savoury, the bravas to our patatas, and the chocolate to our….more chocolate. Here’s a little taste of what we each bring to the dinner table. Hails from: Wellington, … Continue reading The Squad